New Zealand

Now I know I say this about everywhere I go, and probably will continue to say this, but New Zealand is my favourite place. This country reminds me very much of home, only a lot warmer! This holiday was more about visiting friends and family who live down under, but I did travel around the whole of the North island and down to the South for a while as well. The places I visited were breath-taking and the people I met were incredible, which makes the 24+ hours of flying worth it. New Zealand has a very laid back vibe going on, which, I think makes the country very easy to travel around.

I flew out of Edinburgh and headed for Singapore. I split up my journey and spent 2 nights there. At the time of booking, I thought this would have been a great idea, as the first time I went over with my family, I apparently refused to get back on the plane at L.A. But spending these 2 nights in Singapore wasn’t the best idea either. Singapore is a wonderful and vibrant place, with loads to see and do. It is filled with culture and I would love to go back and spend longer there. I flew to New Zealand and back with Singapore Airlines; the food and entertainment was great. The hostess’s dresses were stunning! Everything about the airline is very professional and I would highly recommend flying long distances with them.

Gardens by the Bay- Singapore

From Singapore, it was onto Wellington where my auntie and uncle were waiting. The first week was spent at Riversdale beach. We got a really simple, old beach house only a 2-minute walk from the beach and it was just perfect. The weather was great, and there was an amazing little pop-up café on site. It was a great way to get over the jet-lag and unwind from stresses of Uni. The rippling blue of the waves rolling onto the white sand beaches was a great way to clear your head and it really help us sleep at night!

Riversdale Beach.
Perfect way to unwind.

After our first week, I headed down to the South Island for a couple of days. It was an amazing time and was one of the highlights of my trip. Kaikoura was the first stop, where we got to swam with dolphins!! It was a surreal experience, and was definitely one of the greatest things I had ever had the chance to do. From Kaikoura, I headed down to Ashburton, which is a town below Christchurch. Here I spent a couple of days on a farm before heading back up to the north island to meet up with my family again.

Lake Tarawera was where we spent the weekend after I flew back up. We got another wee old rustic lake house which was right on the water’s edge. Our garden always had little ducks coming off the waters edge to explore, it was a wonderful sight. One of the wonders of the lake were the black swans although, they are a bit uglier than the white swans back home. My uncle brought their boat down and it was great being able to just jump on and off as we pleased. Across the other side of the lake was a little restaurant which served great fish and chips. Tarawera is a magical place, with secret hot pools and gorgeous teal colour water.


Our own private hotpools

From Tarawera the ladies headed north to the Huka lodge, where we were treated like royalty! Huka lodge is an amazing place hidden by some stunning scenery. It is situated near Lake Taupo and the thundering Huka falls. We got wined and dined like the stars, with a gorgeous 7 course dinner and G&T’s to die for. The steak that literally melted in your mouth. Huka lodge is a once in a lifetime experience and I am so grateful I had the chance to experience it. amazing place, hidden by it stunning surroundings, it is a once in a lifetime experience.


Celebrating my 21st year


Hawks bay was our last visit before heading back home to Bonnie Scotland. We got an apartment right on the shore front again with some gorgeous views. While we were here, we mainly spent time at the side of the cricket field getting scorched but at nights we would walk to find a wee restaurant at the port for dinner. There was a wide array of boats, all different shapes and sizes. The fish was always fresh and had the most amazing taste. The sunsets we got every night were a show of colour that radiated out over the sea onto the horizon.

This is just a little insider into my trip to Kiwi land, but don’t take my word for it, this place has more to offer and I would highly recommend visiting. New Zealand, even though is on the other side of the world, is a stunning country with surprises around every corner. I feel like this country has helped me find myself and has fuelled my need to travel and experience as much as I can while I still can.

Some more of my favourite photos..


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