The Island of Tiree

Tiree is Scotland’s most western island found in the Inner Hebrides. It is very small (only about 3 miles wide and nearly 12 miles long) and also very flat. Tiree has been described as ‘the land below the waves’. This beautiful island is my very favourite in Scotland. You can see the sky touch the sea from horizon to horizon with nothing to stop your view but 3 very small hills. This place is one of the sunniest places in the United Kingdom because of the warmth of the Gulf Stream. I honestly felt like I was on a Caribbean Island, definitely not in Scotland. The beaches are stunning with miles of golden sand and crystal clear, blue water that is to die for. One advantage of Tiree is there were no midges during the summer months when I visited, which is a blessing, trust me!


I stayed one night in Oban the day before I got the ferry. Oban is a friendly fishing town, who’s name means ‘little bay’ in the gaelic language. Oban is surrounded with beautiful coastlines ad countryside, and is definitely not short on things to see and do. It is an excellent place for tourists to visit, with castles nearby, beaches, forests and little villages which are all a great way of getting out to the countryside to explore. Within Oban, there are also plenty of things to see and do, little galleries and seaside cafes. I would highly recommend having a fish supper from one of Oban’s many fish n’ chip shops. The fish will always be fresh, as the town has its own harbour so you know you are going to be in for a treat.

Sunset from the hotel in Oban


Tiree is covered in little cottages that are dotted here, there and everywhere. When I was over I stayed in the Scarnish hotel which was reasonably priced and also served a great dinner at night, with some of the best steak I have ever had in my life! Born and bred on the Isle of Tiree. I visited Tiree during August and took the ferry from Oban to the Island and then hired a car to get around. The crossing took about 4 hours but the ferries have a dining area, bar, shop, a cinema and lounge areas so there is plenty to keep you amused while aboard. While on the ferry you will pass the isle of Mull and the isle of Coll which also as some beautiful sceneries, as long as you travel on a good day. I was lucky enough to spot some dolphins jumping beside the ferry on my way over, which was a gorgeous sight.


Old ship wreck across from my hotel

Tiree is a great place to unwind, chill and just forget about things on the mainland. The locals are all very friendly and are willing to help you out with whatever you are stuck on.

The beaches, as I mentioned before, were the highlight of my trip. The coastline goes on forever which makes it perfect for great, peaceful walks to clear your head. There are so many wee coves, and rock pools, which as kid I used to love splashing in and finding weird and wonderful sea creatures. In saying that, I would still happily splash around in my 20s. Tiree also has plenty of birds and other wildlife to keep then nature and outdoor enthusiasts entertained for hours.

One of the many gorgeous beaches

Tiree is full of history, everywhere you look. Near my hotel Tiree has a tiny little museum, it’s only one room, but it is packed with stories and tales of the bygone ages, which I found extremely interesting. The museum told the visitors about how islanders used to live years ago, and how they coped during the world wars. One of the most unusual things in the museum was a coconut. Yes, I know, doesn’t sound too interesting or exciting, I mean a coconut… seriously. But anyway, this little coconut had managed to find its way to Tiree from the Caribbean! It had travelled miles and miles, through stormy seas, to end up in a museum on a tiny, little Island off the coast of Scotland.


Driving on Tiree is very different compared to the mainland. It is single track road with passing places dotted about. It was very easy to drive, no roundabout and no traffic lights. A car isn’t necessary and for those fitness enthusiasts, definitely not me, there are a couple of places on the island that do hire out bikes.


I would highly recommend visiting this gorgeous little island, and I’m sure that if you do you too will fall in love with its breath-taking scenery just like I did.

More breathtaking views:






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